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Riding Mountain Constituency Office

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About Greg Nesbitt

Greg Nesbitt, a long time Shoal Lake business owner, community leader and a former Village Councillor, was elected to his first term as the MLA for Riding Mountain on April 19, 2016 and re-elected on September 10, 2019. He previously served as the Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living.

Greg owned and published newspapers in the Riding Mountain area for over 40 years. Greg is a former partner in the Russell Inn Hotel and Conference Centre which owns a majority of the Asessippi Ski Hill and Resort near Inglis.

Greg has a long history of involvement with both the Manitoba and Canadian Community Newspapers Associations. He was president of the Manitoba association for 2 terms, president of the Canadian association for 2 years and chairman of the board of directors of the Canadian association, which represents 840 newspapers across the country.

Greg has served in a variety of leadership roles within the community including as a founding member of the Shoal Lake Regional Airport Authority where he served as Secretary-Treasurer. Elsewhere in the community, Greg has been a long time coach and manager of various local minor and senior hockey teams. Greg has also served as a volunteer firefighter with the Shoal Lake Fire Department for 15 years.

Latest Caucus News

Statement from PC Finance Critic Obby Khan on the NDP’s So-Called Financial Review 

Obby Khan, PC Shadow Minister for Finance, released a statement in response to the NDP’s so-called Post Election Financial Accountability Review.

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Stop the Leaks, Clean the River, Protect the Lake

As the NDP repeat history, the Official Opposition is calling on the NDP government to take immediate action to stop the flow of raw sewage into Manitoba waters, and to ensure sewer infrastructure around Winnipeg is protected from catastrophic failure in the future.

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Latest from Greg Nesbitt

Press Release – Library Grants

PRESS RELEASE   Four area libraries receive 2018-19 technological grants from Province   Riding Mountain MLA Greg Nesbitt said libraries in Minnedosa, Rapid City, Rivers and Russell have received funding under the 2018-19 Rural Library Technological Sustainability Grant program. “Library systems serve as critical information hubs for their communities and regions through access to current […]

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Under The Dome

As promised, our government is fixing Manitoba’s finances Our government is making strong progress in fixing the province’s finances, and the Office of the Auditor General has now reaffirmed our responsible approach to fiscal management and prudent budgeting. In a new report on public accounts, the Auditor General’s office confirms our government’s position that there […]

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Under The Dome

Emergency radio upgrade long overdue in this province To better protect Manitobans and assist public safety organizations in dealing with emergencies, our government is significantly upgrading the province’s public safety communications with a digital radio system. The new digital two-way mobile radio system will replace the outdated FleetNet service long used by Manitoba’s firefighting, ambulance […]

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