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Self-isolation change... Any Manitoban who has been fully vaccinated - and has been for at least 14 days - can leave the province and does not have to self-isolate on their return from anywhere in Canada. This also applies to any “fully vaccinated” Canadian entering Manitoba.

We all know that just because @NahanniFontaine or the @ndpcaucus say something, it doesn’t make it true. Always trying to score cheap political points during a pandemic. #mbpoli twitter.com/PCcaucus/statu…

Vote St. Adolphe in the Kraft Hockeyville competition! twitter.com/Min_Schuler/st…

Public health officials advise minor amendments are being made to current public health orders on Friday, April 9. The changes include allowing liquor cart sales on golf courses and increasing the maximum attendance at self-help meetings to 25.

Thank you to our presenters this morning for providing the @PCcaucus with their first-hand knowledge into issues diabetics face and also suggesting changes to Manitoba’s health coverage. #mbpoli twitter.com/MBDiabetes/sta…

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