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@BLAIRYAK Merry Christmas to my partner in crime!

Entitled “This Too Shall Pass”, my final Member’s Statement of the year attempts to capture - with a bit of humour - the essence of what life has been like for MLAs and Manitobans in general in 2020! #mbpoli youtu.be/Sy3gQOYFuwQ

@jessica_drakul @MBLegislature Thank you Jessica! The link just became available and I have shared on my Greg Nesbitt MLA Facebook page. All the best to you and yours this holiday season!

@LenIsleifson @diljeet_brar Great to see that the Opposition agree today to pass this Bill through 2nd and 3rd readings this morning. Soon producers will be able to access permits for beaver and/or dam removal through municipalities and Watershed Districts. #mbpoli

@diljeet_brar Knowledge? Courage? Is that what it took for the NDP to block a Bill this morning that would have allowed ALL farmers to deal with problem beavers in a more practical manner in cooperation with Municipalities and Watershed Districts? #mbpoli

Code Red restrictions I have had many questions from businesses regarding the restrictions that are now in effect in the entire province. Here is the actual Public Health Order: gov.mb.ca/asset_library/… Here is the link to Ask Health for any questions: forms.gov.mb.ca/Ask_Health/

Facility, Waiting Room and Dressing Room capacity under the Orange level of the Pandemic Response System is limited to 25 percent of capacity. This means that as of Nov. 1, a hockey dressing room that normally might have 20 players can now have no more than 5 players.

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